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nathan briner yoga instructor in san diego

Meet Nathan

Regular movement is essential for health. It makes us stronger and more resilient. Pain is a part of life, it happens to all of us. But, the stronger we are, the more we inhabit and care for our bodies, the easier it is to overcome life's challenges. I love helping people transform their lives through movement. There's nothing better than seeing the smile on a client's face when they discover how good it feels to get moving again. 

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Nathan Briner is a leading pain management coach in San Diego, California. His primary focus is helping people overcome pain and rebuild strong, flexible bodies. Nathan specializes in working with people over 50 discover the power of movement and its effect on health and longevity.

 He uses a unique combination of Pilates and yoga to structure programs that fit every client's unique needs.


In addition to his therapeutic work, Nathan is a featured instructor for the online streaming platform He created the online PostureRx Movement Medicine program for back pain and posture restoration and his method and techniques are included in the wellness book Spent, by Frank Lipman MD. Nathan teaches workshops on the biomechanics of yoga and lectures on the advances of the biopsychosocial model of pain management.

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Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Hip and Knee Pain
Injury Recovery
Strength for Seniors

My Path as a Healer and Fitness Coach

I have owned and operated the TrueBalance Movement clinic in San Diego, California for the past 25 years. Over those years I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients heal their pain and build strong, fit, capable bodies. 

about nathan briner leading pain management coach in San Diego

My path toward becoming a pain specialist and movement coach began with a major accident when I was 9 years old. I fell 30 feet from a tree I had climbed to watch the bicycle races I was competing in. A branch gave way as I was trying to climb down and I crashed through tree to the ground below. The fall broke several bones, paralyzed my right arm for almost two years and left me with chronic pain. In my 20s my pain had spread throughout my body and began to interfere with my life. The doctors I spoke to leaned toward drugs and surgery as the solution. I didn't connect to that path so I began to seek education in modalities that could help me understand my body and the nature of my pain.


I studied extensively how movement and mindset could impact the body at all levels. Everything I learned I tested through my body. Some concepts worked magic, others turned out to be smoke and mirrors. Honestly, it was the failures that taught me the most. By chipping away the information that was bogus and ineffective I was able to uncover the most effective process for lasting change. With this understanding I was able to heal my pain and it is this understanding that is woven into all the TrueBalance programs. 

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