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Start Your Recovery

Online and in-person pilates and yoga programs for back pain, joint problems, flexibility, and fitness.

Injury Recovery

Overcome back pain and joint problems, and melt away the stiffness of the daily grind.

Fitness and Energy

Feel the energy that comes from strong muscles and confident movement.

Posture and Flexibility

Discover the comfort and freedom of powerful posture and  graceful flexibility.

Movement is Life

TrueBalance specializes in online and in-person programs to help clients overcome back pain, joint problems, arthritis, and the aches that come with an aging body. Our personalized programs provide the care and motivation you need to rediscover how good it feels to get moving again. 

What clients are saying

pilates session improving flexibilty

J. McInerny

"I came to Nathan after a bad fall and broken leg. Doctors were not confident in my ever regaining unrestricted mobility. Nathan has helped me fully recover and become stronger than ever. I am a fan for life!"

customer review for helping heal knee and back pain

V. Nizri

"Nathan, I can't thank you enough for helping me heal my knee and back pain. I am finally able to return to my love of dancing!" 

Pilates session with nathan briner

J. Rafferty

"I struggled with radiating pain in my arm, low back pain and more before I started working with Nathan. Now these issues are mostly a thing of the past." 

yoga pose of nathan briner

Meet Nathan

Nathan Briner is owner of the TrueBalance Therapy clinic in San Diego, California. Nathan has over 25 years of experience providing the care and coaching people need to overcome pain and recover a strong, flexible body.

My passion as a movement specialist is helping people rediscover the joy and energy of a strong, healthy, pain-free body.



Get pain under control and introduce comfortable movement to help you feel better!



 Develop strength and explore new movement patterns. Improve balance, posture and flexibility!

Build power and fitness to get you back into all the activities you love!


Get Started

Every Journey begins with a first step!

Book a 1:1 call directly with Nathan to see which TrueBalance program is right for you. Click below to schedule your free consultation.

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